Ventus and Lyndsey are another shipping.

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Ventus and Lyndsey


Smile ventus by ciel san-d30o2nl
(or Ven) is one of the three and origanal keyblade weilders during Birth By Sleep. He is said to be around 14-15 years old and is possibly from another world. He was brought to Master Eraques by Master Xehanort after attempting to turn him to the darkness, which failed, but manages to extract Ven's darkness - Vanitas.

After battling Vanitas, Ven's heart gets shattered and falls into a coma, which he still remains to this day, until the day Sora saves him.


Lyndsey is a character introduced in the fanstory "The Gathering". She is also said to be around 14-15 years old.

Lyndsey cares deeply for Ventus.